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Invisalign may in fact be luxury orthodontics but it is surely not just for well-off spoiled brats. Sure, Invisalign is expensive. In Australia, it costs around $6,000 to $9,000, depending on the complexity of the case and the determined length of treatment. It is not a treatment that everyone has access to. Very often, you find an Invisalign provider on the poshest websites for the poshest clinics in the poshest suburbs.

However, typical patients interested in Invisalign are not rich, young brats but adults and professionals who find brackets and wires ill-fitting for their age, appearance, and lifestyle. They purchase this system because Invisalign trays are inconspicuous and hardly noticeable, as compared to the usual braces. These aligners are easy to remove and clean, too. You won’t need a dentist to take it off and you can just do it yourself. And when it’s out, you can proceed with your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing your teeth. You also won’t need an interdental brush or a specially shaped floss to care for your gums and teeth like you would typically do with braces. Most patients believe that the look and convenience of these clear aligners justify the high cost.

But orthodontics, even in its simplest and cheapest form, can seem like a luxury for those who cannot afford it. The claim that only upper and middle classes have the straightest teeth is a valid one, as low-income earners typically do not include the cost of correcting misaligned teeth in their household budgets. Since they are not covered under Medicare, orthodontic treatments force patients to pay for additional private health insurance.

Those who can shell out money for Invisalign do not complain as they get to enjoy many perks, including its availability in more than 100 countries. Whether you are in Australia or when you fly out to places like Paris for dental tourism treatments, you will be able to find a dental provider that offers Invisalign, making it easy to start or continue your treatment wherever you may be. This–plus the aesthetic factor, the ease of wearing and removing their aligners, and the simplicity of retaining your usual dental hygiene while correcting your teeth–is definitely why Invisalign is much sought-after and why patients are willing to pay for its high price.