Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Is It Right For You?


The digital internet age has promised a great deal, especially, when it comes to flexible working hours and mobile locations. But, has it really ever delivered en masse on these promises? Employers prefer to hire workers they can call into the office or, indeed, permanently locate them there. It is, I suppose, the continuing desire for maximum control over those who represent the company. It is, also, to do with comfort zones and unfamiliarity with new technologies designed for remote workers and the outsourcing of labour, more generally. Digital technology and having the skills necessary to use these apps, softwares and devices, could be mobilising the world far more profoundly.

Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Is It Right For You?

The digital nomad lifestyle sees travelling workers utilising the world wide web and its many offshoots to perform tasks wherever and whenever. Have phone, will travel, kind of stuff. You could be working for franchisees or travelling to exotic locations around the globe. You could be tied to a mundane existence of 9 to 5 or zooming across continents via the advantages of flexible technology. Dreamers are lining up by the water cooler as we speak. Office bound boys and girls are crowding around the espresso machine and visualising Pyramids, Mediterranean waters and countless other icons and edifices pertaining to worldwide travel.

The Unrooted Nomadic Lifestyle

The truth is that a shitty casual job is not half so bad if it exists on the other side of the mountain. We do jobs on the road that we would not bother with at home. The unrooted nomadic lifestyle lives like a fantasy inside the heads of many, especially the young and young at heart. Marketing provides many lightweight opportunities for global adventure. Things like travel blogs can act as temporary platforms for businesses wishing to promote themselves. Writers can tell the stories of great destinations, along with their features and hotels.

Remote Job Work

A US company entitled, Remote Year, offers a 12-month travel experience, for those with remote job work. Customers pay a monthly stipend, which includes travel between countries, a private bedroom, and access to digital technology and WIFI services. Urban myth gossip indicates that the digital nomadic lifestyle is gaining in popularity. It has a moniker and, thus, the concept will spread in the minds of those who longingly wish to escape from the grind of their day to day lives. Good luck intrepid travellers.

Developing Your Indoor Environment to Develop the Self

As the author of the ground-breaking book, House Therapy, I have always been cogent of the link between our minds and our living rooms within our homes. “As above, so below”, sort of stuff. It is natural that our domestic environments would reflect what is inside our heads and hearts. The human mind has been described as a cavern of consciousness, with rooms and hallways leading off into infinity. Our thought pathways criss cross our inner universes like the Milky Way galaxy above us. If there is a cohesive connection between our inner and outer worlds, then, each should be able to influence the other.

Developing Your Indoor Environment to Develop the Self

Thus, by developing your indoor environment, perhaps, with furnishings that speak to the soul, one can develop the self. Interior décor designers and ladies of the house, may be excused for yawning here and saying, “we have known this for years”. Every room in your home is an opportunity to communicate with different aspects of your personality or psyche. Each room, usually, has a primary function; as clearly explained in House Therapy. The living room is the space created for the dominant part of the self. It is here that we are most at home.

House Therapy Can Tell You About Yourself!

Wooden furniture for the lounge is akin to the skeletal structure upon which everything else hangs. There is something about timber, which speaks of a symbiotic relationship between human being and trees. We each serve the other in primal ways. Imagine a history of humanity without trees, it is almost impossible. Wood, though, is no longer the only material available to build and decorate our homes with. Despite the alternatives, we still choose to have wood close at hand. It is an intimate feature within our homes.

Interior Environments Affect You

What you choose to place within your interior environments, affects you and influences who you are. Surround yourself with furnishings, which enhance the parts of you, you wish to flourish. Developing your indoor environment to develop the self, is a sound strategy. We become what we nurture; it is only common sense to understand this premise.  House Therapy can tell you much about yourself. Every room in your home is a key to comprehending the complex puzzle that you are. We are not just one thing, we are many things, constantly interacting in time and space. Einstein knew that, the relative nature of the physical universe.

Famous Poems About Disability

You might never have heard any poems about or by people with disability, that’s because you don’t give a stuff. You don’t give much and you definitely don’t give enough. Your life is about your friends and family, and if they don’t limp or walk with a cane, what have you got to gain, by helping anybody else. Don’t you know that charity begins at home, you can’t hear a whimper or a moan. On a good day, the blind might see, on a good day, you walk free from fear of falling down. On that good day, retribution is coming down, today.

Famous Poems About Disability

Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are the most famous poems about disability, because Achilles lipless and very bloody angry all the time. Priam is blind to his children’s failings and depressed. Odysseus is clearly tripping and probably psychotic. Greek poetry is primarily concerned with killing, buggery and incestual fucking. You have to ask the question, are we all disabled inside? Could that idea about us all being normal and the same be a lie? Do you know what your disability might be? What it looks like deep inside you? What is feels like deep inside?

Have you heard the one about the one armed woman and the one legged man? Together they entered the three legged, egg and spoon race and won. If they have children will they blessed or cursed with disability? Is what’s on the outside, the same as what’s on the inside? Do I imagine myself perfect, with an elegant sufficiency of arms and legs? What does the blind man see inside? Abraham, Moses and Noah all imagined an ominous awful being called God; today we would lock them up and sedate them for a very long time.

Gilgamesh mourned Enkidu, who was disabled, being merely human before his demi-god friend. Death is inevitable for us mortals, whether we have one or two working legs. Gilgamesh chats with a barmaid about the differences between being human and divine. Disability comes in many guises, as do ‘so-called’ divine beings. Odin only had one working eye, the other was covered with a patch.  This gave him the gift of second sight. Odin would often appear as an old street bum, his power shrouded in rags. Nobody knew if they were conversing with the king of the gods or just an ancient. That’s the thing about disability, you never truly know who is the greater being beyond the disguise. Disability support in Australia at


European Kitchens: Northern Italy’s Culinary Secrets

Italy has been famous for its delicious foods, such as pasta, pizza, risotto and other delicious meat and fish meals. However, there is no particular Italian specialty that is common in the entire country. The country’s cuisine is intensely affected by their regional history, beliefs, and availability of the ingredients for a certain season.  It’s important to note that, when traveling in the country, travelers may observe that some delicacies are only accessible in certain areas. More so, a wide variation of dishes is also present from district to district. The geographical and colonial background has something to do with this. Evidently, the distinctive food culture absolutely showcases the country’s significant past.

Italy comprises three primary geographical areas; the north, central and the south. This article focuses on the Northern Italian cuisine and its complexities.  Since it borders Austria, Switzerland, France and resting at the foot of the Alps and Dolomites, the dishes in the region reflect that of its neighbors.

European Kitchens: Northern Italy’s Culinary Secrets

Learning how Italians manage the kitchen seems to be very complex. For example, kitchen designs play an important role as they do the work. European kitchen designs have even made their way to Western Australia which helps ease the job and save time. It is also important to understand the different methods on how to purchase, prepare, eat, drink, and consider the nourishment.  Similarly, the necessity to familiarize the sheepy way of pecorino cheddar, the consistency of a carbonara, and the way they blend garlic, rosemary and white wine. Moreover, the way they braise veal gradually, broil sheep with rosemary and the like. Everything demands effort, consistency, creativity, and other Italian kitchen secrets.

Unlike Southern dishes, cuisines in the north are more butter- and dairy-based, with the extensive use of rosemary and sage. Less olive oil, pasta and tomato sauce and a substantial dependence on butter (or lard), rice, corn (for polenta) and cheeses for cream sauces in their cooking are a common practice in this part of the country with the exception of the areas near the lake and Liguria, where the famous Ligurian olive oil originated. The region favors the combination of gnocchi, risotto and polenta dishes unlike in the south meals are not perfect without a pasta course.

With its rich food traditions and flavor, it is a place where one’s cravings are satisfied. Italy is one destination that food lovers would surely not miss.

Rediscovering Your Muse in the Modern World

During the time of the ancient Greece, a female muse is a goddess who motivates people into creating art and literary pieces. For instance, Calliope served as an inspiration for Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey. Today, muses still carry out their purpose — that is to be the source of inspiration for writers, artists and musicians.

More often than not, beautiful women are the muse of creative people. Kate Moss was the subject of various works of Lucian Freud. Andy Warhol’s was Edie Sedgwick, while Givenchy’s was Audrey Hepburn. Even ordinary people have their muses. They can be anyone that fires their enthusiasm.

Rediscovering Your Muse in the Modern World

Anyone or anything can be our source of inspiration. We just have to find them and hold them in great respect. From there on, a beautiful relationship will exists, which will rouse our creative side to produce seemingly endless work of art.

In a 2009 TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, she discussed about reviving the Muse Model. A lot of us undergo creative block, especially if we are having performance anxiety. Through our own muse, our creative juices begin to flow, which then gets rid off of our disquietudes.

Traditionally, women have been the muse of artists mainly because of their beauty, personality, and some mysterious characteristics. However, the muse in the modern world can be a place, an object, and even imaginary. There is no strict rule as to who or what your inspiration should be, as long as they/it help(s) you conquer your anxieties and trigger(s) your artistry.

Muses as Companions

Before a remarkable music, a breathtaking artwork or a bewitching literary piece was made, artists go through a lonely process. It is sometimes dark, and is filled with self-doubts and skepticism, creative block, and exasperating experimentations. Muses serve as the artists’ companions, particularly during their’ time of isolation. Moreover, muses become their support system, as it is important if they want to get through their dark days.

Rediscovering your muse in the modern world is indeed a great privilege. When you come across your inspiration, treat it/them with respect and care.

Tuning Into Your Own Psychic Powers

Each and every one of us is considered unique and has our respective talent and ability. Talents however, need to be developed for it to grow. It is wasted opportunity to not shape and hone your talents and put them to good use. One latent talent a number of individuals possess is the psychic ability. Psychic powers exist and however people need to put in extra effort in order to draw them out. Let us look into how one can turn into their own psychic powers.

It should be noted that almost anyone can become more intuitive & learn to listen to their own psychic abilities as long as they exert a good amount of effort into it. There exists a number of exercises and training that you can do at your very own pace to help train your body and mind. Furthermore, the examples listed below can be done by just about anyone without spending an entire fortune with it.

Meditation proves to be a cheap but effective way of developing your psychic powers. Meditation can be done by practically anyone regardless of their age and as such, this can be a good avenue of exploring and awakening one’s latent ability. You can start by meditating every day for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You need to look for a quiet place to meditate and this is where you can raise your vibration to help develop their psychic abilities. Since spirit energy tend to vibrate at a higher frequency, it is important to find a calm and relaxing location to meditate in. Furthermore, with the help of meditation, you will be able to achieve a more relaxed state which helps in making you feel more connected to yourself, the spirit, and the energy around others.

Aside from meditation, you can also engage in our fun mind activities with friends. You can invite your friends to play Zener cards with you. Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP), most often clairvoyance. Call your friend to have them pick up a card and study it without showing it to you. After that you can try to have them mentally share the image with you.

Walking in nature can also help you achieve a mindfulness meditation. This does not necessarily mean that you have to walk by yourself as you can also choose to bring a friend with you to make the trip worthwhile. Of course, as the meditation starts you can ask your friends to join with the activity to achieve silence. As you walk, concentrate on each step you take and focus on the movement of your body. This in turn allows you to take your mind clear of clutter and help increase your vibration.

You can also choose a more social approach by getting to your other psychics and mediums. Gaining the support of others play a very huge role in helping develop your gifts. You can also ask for these individuals to share their knowledge and experience or perhaps practice on each other. Other good alternatives include joining a spiritual development circle or taking related classes. This is where you will be able to find the right type of environment in which you can develop your psychic abilities and mediumship even further. Consider the options listed above as you progress spiritually and discover your hidden potential.

Nude Yoga

The concept and practice of yoga is not new. In the United States alone, around 20 million people buckle down and get on with it. But doing yoga with your clothes off? That seems quite new, isn’t it?

Nude yoga is the latest yoga trend. Those who wish to relax their minds can also now liberate their bodies by going au naturel. In fact, naked yoga classes have been quite a hit in some parts of New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. For instance, residents from one of the elite districts in Auckland gather and strip off on Tuesday nights for an hour-long yoga session. Naked yoga in Australia is quite popular, too. ABC reported that a group of locals in the Gold Coast doesn’t mind bending without their clothes in front of strangers. Here are some reasons why you should take part in this newest craze:

1. Naked yoga fosters positive portrayals of our bodies.

Nude yoga lets us see our bodies in a different perspective. It encourages us to be proud of our special and distinctive shape and anatomy. Moreover, it shows us that we must welcome with open arms our imperfections and just let them out for the world to see. This practice helps people who would want to be unencumbered by the shackles that stop us from accepting who we are and from realizing that we are special.

2. Naked yoga develops our connection with our minds, bodies and spirits.

A skillfully executed naked yoga pulls us out from the things that limit us, thereby nurturing a more powerful sense of freedom and a positive recognition of our body image. By watching and feeling ourselves as we progress from one pose to another, it allows us to be connected with our mind, body and spirit. When this happens, we become more aware of our inner selves.

3. Naked yoga presents health benefits.

Like any yoga practice, nude yoga relieves us from the daily stresses we experience. In addition, it boosts our strength and stamina; improves our body functions; and builds up our energy. That being said, nude yoga specifically gives a boost to our self-acceptance and self-actualization.

4. Naked yoga is definitely sexy.

Nude yoga’s sexiness comes from within. A person who feels connected, positive and animated is sexy. Through naked yoga, practitioners and enthusiasts are always in good spirits, blissful and not self-conscious.

The World’s Most Exotic Horse Racing Spots

Horse racing is considered as among the world’s oldest spectator sports. No wonder that major racing competitions attract a great deal of crowd. On-site or online, horse racing creates a buzz. In fact, making a wager online on horse race results is very popular nowadays. There even are sites where first-timers can make online free bets.

Part of the adrenaline and enthusiasm during horse racing events is the experience: sipping your favorite drink while watching the bravura of thoroughbred horses up close or while marveling at the beautiful race horse track. For enthusiasts out there, here are some of the world’s most striking and glamorous horse racing spots that you should see:

1. Churchill Downs

This racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky, which is one of the biggest in North America, is noteworthy because of the Kentucky Derby that attracts at least 150,000 spectators. Churchill Downs is also notable for its twin hexagonal spires and its contemporary but friendly vibe.

2. Woodbine Racetrack

If you’re up for some history, then Woodbine Racetrack is your get-to place. The track is the venue of the very first Summer Paralympics that was held in 1976. It has three racecourses, one of which is made of crushed limestone. Currently, it is the single track in the North America that conducts thoroughbred and standardbred races on the same day.

3. Hipódromo de San Isidro

One of the most beautiful racecourses can be found in South America. An example is Hipódromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires Argentina. Albeit the little interest of Argentinians in horse racing as a sport, Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini, which is annually held at Hipódromo de San Isidro, attracts spectators from all parts of the continent.

4. Aintree Racecourse

If you are a true derby fan, then you are very much familiar with Aintree Racecourse in England. This is where the Grand National is being held every April. The event is stretched for 3 days and is said to be the world’s most difficult steeplechase. Located in the Merseyside parish of Aintree, the track was home to many historical races; one of which is the 1928 Grand National where only 2 out of the 48 horses finished the race.

5. Flemington Racecourse

Flemington Racecourse is home to the Melbourne Cup, which is hailed as the “race that stops a nation.” Situated in Flemington, Victoria, the 2300-meter track is adorned with a bronze statue of Phar Lap. The racecourse is unique in a way that races are run anti-clockwise, contrary to the usual clockwise route.

12 Coolest Places to Visit in the Philippines

Comprised of more than 7,100 islands, the Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches, breathtaking sceneries and marvellous natural landscapes. The country is also rich in historical and cultural treasures that visitors, either locals or tourists, should see and experience firsthand. These 12 travel destinations are some of the coolest places to visit in the Philippines:

12. Boracay Island

Famous for its white sand beaches, Boracay Island is perhaps the most popular beach in the country. The island is known for vibrant night parties, beautiful sunset, pristine waters and adrenaline-pumped adventures such as cliff diving and motor biking.  Tourists can explore beautiful lagoons, volcanic caves and hidden coves in Boracay.

11. Camiguin Island

Witty locals tagged Camiguin Island with the slogan “Come Again in Camiguin.” Holidaymakers will surely visit Camiguin Island over and over again. The island is well-known for its natural attractions. To name a few, there are must-see white sandbars, springs and waterfalls. The sunken cemetery is also a must-visit landmark. Every October, tourists flock around the capital for the celebrated Lanzones Festival.

10. Subterranean River National Park

Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is the longest traversable underground river in the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Inside, there are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, impressive rock formations, underground waterfalls and river channels.

9. Langun Gobingob Caves

Samar is regarded as the “caving capital of the Philippines.” For spelunkers out there, come visit the country’s largest caving system. Langun-Gobingob Caves have a chamber so big that at least three football fields can be contained in it.

8. Baguio City

If you want to experience the colder side of the country, go and see Baguio City. Dubbed as the “summer capital of the Philippines”, the city is frequently visited mostly by the locals because of its cool climate. There are also parks, landmarks and family activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Among the top itineraries of tourists are strawberry picking at a strawberry farm and “picture-taking” with the Igorots.

7. Vigan City

Take a walk at the famous Crisologo Street and marvel at Spanish colonial period houses that dates back as early as the 16th Century. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan City in Ilocos Sur is also famous for its Ilocos Empanada and Vigan Longganisa.

6. Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces is a living proof of how hardworking the ancient tribes of Ifugao are. This landmark is considered as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and a natural treasure that Filipinos are proud of.

5. Donsol, Sorsogon

Aside from virgin islands and stunning waterfalls, Donsol is home to whale sharks or “butanding” in the local dialect. Tourists can swim along with the whale sharks, cruise the Donsol River or go firefly watching under the starry skies. Due to influx of tourists, hotels and beach resorts are being developed in the area. Employers of Filipino staffs such as ACM Group, are among those who are invested in the area.

4. Guimaras Island

Guimaras is renowned for its white sand beaches. From Iloilo, foreign and local tourists will enjoy a 15-minute boat ride to the island. There, they can opt for land tours and visit the popular landmarks in the island. Tourists cal also go island hopping, snorkelling, feed some fish, and of course, taste the world’s famous mangoes. Yum!

3. Bohol

The province offers so much nature tripping and fun activities to its visitors. Go and see the beautiful Chocolate Hills and wade in hidden white sand beaches. Do not forget to pay a visit to the tarsiers and the butterfly sanctuary.

2. Cagayan

Cagayan is situated at the northern part of the country. The province was the location of the U.S. and French versions of Survivor because of its untouched island beaches. The far-flung Palaui Island is the favourite place of soul searchers in Cagayan. It houses various marine species and a 50-kilometre coral reef. Probably the best part of your Palaui experience is having a dip in the Philippine Sea.

1. Batanes

Like Cagayan, Batanes is at the northernmost part of the Philippines. The province is the perfect example of a travel destination that has majestic sceneries, romantic sunset, rich culture and tradition, picturesque coasts and amazing people.

Travel Budget Control: Ways to Underspend When on Holiday

Going on a holiday either by visiting local tourist spots, traversing the deep, blue seas in a cruise, or travelling abroad can be an expensive endeavour. Since holiday trips are intended to be your time to de-stress and take a time off from your busy schedules, make sure to plan and organise your well-deserved break while staying on budget so that financial stresses can be averted. Fortunately, we will give you tips on how you can underspend when on holiday. For more ways to improve your finances, click here

  • Pack Lightly

There are airlines that lower their airfares to attract more passengers; however, some have hidden travel costs mainly stemming from excess baggage weight. See to it that your suitcase is within the weight allotment set by the airline company. Alternately, stuff some of your things in you carry-on to get rid of additional baggage fees.  Lighter suitcases can translate to big savings especially if you walk to your hotel or destination (if it’s quite near) rather than riding a cab. There are also more cheap transportation options if your suitcase is not that heavy.

  • Take Advantage of the Public Transport System

Majority of key tourist hubs have a working public transport system. Instead of hailing a cab, try riding buses, trains or other local means of transport when heading to your destination. These options are way cheaper, plus you get to experience how it’s like navigating the area like a local.

  • Skip Staying at Chain Hotels

Always opt for cheaper alternatives for your accommodations. Why would you cough out $200 for a one-night stay at some posh hotel when you could get the same accommodation at a $30-$40 inn? You can visit TripAdvisor for a good selection of cheap guesthouses, inns and motels. In addition, try house sitting. As the term implies, you have to take care of somebody’s abode while they are also on a trip. In exchange, you get to stay there for free. If you’re interested, find available homes near your travel itineraries at Mind My House and Luxury House Sitting.

  • Try Local Cuisines

If you’re up for a gastronomical adventure, savour local dishes served at eateries and holes-in-the-wall. Not only they are cheap, they are flavourful too. You can look for food destinations near you area online. Always check the price range and read customer reviews.

  • Research Cheap Local Hot Spots

Luckily for you, there are apps that will search top local and tourist spots that are within your budget. For instance, Happy Hour Finder gives you a rundown of happy hours in your area, what they offer, and when you can avail good deals. This way, you can enjoy some booze, funky music and sometimes free meals without going too far-flung.

Promotional Coffee Mugs: A Great Way to Promote Your Destination

Businesses have been promoting their product or services through traditional media channels like television, radio, magazine, newspapers and social media. In addition, the use of promotional items such as coffee mugs, caps, shirts, pins and figurines have proven to be useful especially in the travel industry. These promotional goodies are known to be effective marketing tools. In fact, based on a survey conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 79 percent of those who received promotional products are very likely to do business with that company.

Nowadays, many hotels, inns and resorts from key travel destinations scratch their heads about new ways to re-promote their businesses as well as the tourist spots. Good thing that promotional coffee mugs and cups are there to the rescue. Here are some reasons why you should advertise using promotional coffee mugs:

  • Think Long-Term

Majority of businesses rely on television ads when promoting their brand or products. Be that as it may, these advertisements do not linger that long on televisions. On the other hand, coffee mugs do last forever. A 30-second tv ad may cost you thousands and thousands of dollars while your coffee mug comes cheap and continuously promote your business.

  • Increase Your Sales

When a person saw someone using a promotional coffee mug, it is instinctive that there is an assumption that this person trusts the company behind the promotional item. In effect,  there are people who will transact with that company, thus boosting their sales.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

Customers love freebies. When a person receives free goodies after staying in your inn or motel, it is more likely that there will be a repeat-purchase. On top of that, your loyal customers will talk highly of your business. Consider that as a free but effective promotional method alternative.

  • Eye-Catchy and Durable

Mugs that are beautifully decorated are among the favourite of customers. They like mugs as souvenirs and display them in their own homes. Also, coffee mugs or cups made from glass and ceramics are so durable that users will use them over and over again. This is a good thing since it serves as a free plugging for your business.

With the competition in the travel industry getting more and more aggressive, businesses like yours should think of new ways on how to advertise and re-promote your product or service offerings.

12 Awesome Things to Do in Adelaide

Notable because of its sunny weather, Adelaide is a city in Australia that is recently under the international spotlight because of its standings in various “Global Liveability” polls. The city is popular for its rich history, food and wine, and world-class festivals.

Adelaide has a reputation as a very sleepy Australian city, but there are a lot of awesome things to do and must-see festivals to attend here. Some include the AFL match involving the Adelaide Crows, hanging out in Hindley Street for some edgy nightlife, and visiting  Maslin Beach which is also a nudist beach. When in Adelaide, here are more fun stuff to do in the city:

  • Buy Fresh Produce

You can buy farm-fresh produce and hormone-free meat and poultry in the city. Just head to Adelaide’s Central Market and sample some artisan cheeses and fresh seafood. Engage in a conversation with the locals while sipping a cup of espresso.

  • Wander Around Port Adelaide

Tourists can wander around the area using a map that can be obtained from the tourism center. Be amazed by 19th-century architectures and picturesque old piers. Adrenaline junkies are suggested to kayak along Port River. Take a look back at the city’s rich history at South Australian Maritime Museum. After a long day, drink craft beer at the local pubs. In case that you get into a spot of bother, you can seek out trustworthy legal help in Adelaide. 

  • Shop ’til You Drop

Adelaide is a shoppers’ haven because of numerous shopping precincts in every nook and corner of the city. Make your way to Rundle Mall and East End for some cheap but good finds. Recharge for a coffee break at Nano Café.

  • Visit Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is home to at least 60 wineries and cellar doors. Drink some Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay or nibble tasty cheeses and cured meats while enjoying the majestic sceneries of the region.

  • Hike to Mount Lofty

Those who are in it for some adventure can hike to Mount Lofty. Don’t miss the Waterfall Gully which is a popular destination for tourists and alike.

  • Roam Around the Botanic Gardens

The city’s botanic gardens may not be as nifty compared to other cities, but Adelaide Botanic Gardens is filled with great discoveries for nature lovers. On your way, drop by t the Palm Lake and Santos Museum of Economic Botany.

  • Spend Your Day at the Beach

Adelaide is blessed with stunning beaches and beautiful coastlines. Make your way to Glenelg, a well-known seaside tourist spot in Adelaide. Take a picnic to Henley Beach or have fun at The Beachouse with your family.

  • Enjoy Some Art

The Art Gallery of South Australia is the perfect place for local and foreign art lovers. Aside from exhibiting various photographs and masterpieces, another good thing about this art gallery is that entrance is free.

  • Gaze at the Marvellous Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval hosts sporting events, such as cricket and football, and concerts. Get a VIP pass at the Oval through Adelaide Oval Tour and see for yourself some famous sports collections and memorabilia.

  • Explore the City on Bike

There are free bike rentals at the city centre and in some local offices. Visitors can head straight to Henley Beach for a thrilling 40-minute bike ride.

  • Visit Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is the city’s most famous wildlife facility. Get up close to at least 1,000 wildlife species. The main zoo’s main attraction are the Giant Pandas. Kids and those young at heart will definitely enjoy dolphin-watching and swimming cruises via Temptation Sailing.

  • Eat a Lot

Foodies can go to East End and the Leigh Street to taste some great food from the best restaurants in Adelaide. Some of the local favourites are Africola and Golden Boy.

In case we miss things, share your experiences while in Adelaide in our comments section!

Travel Injuries: Make a List of Doctors and Hospitals in Advance

Let’s face it, travelling is a risky pastime. From bungee jumping using unreliable third-world ropes to flitting around unfamiliar roads on a motorbike without helmet, it is a fact that injuries as severe as quadriplegia can happen. Illnesses can also befall to anyone while on a trip, therefore don’t take your chances of remaining healthy or unhurt while you’re out of town or outside the country. It is a must that you have a travel insurance you can rely on in case of medical emergencies while travelling.

Before hopping to your next destination, it is suggested that you make a list of doctors and hospitals in advance. Here are the reasons why:

  • Check the Coverage of Your Insurance

You have to check the hospitals that are covered by your travel insurance. In the event of an urgent medical situation, you and your companions know which hospitals to go to. If your insurance policy is not valid for trips abroad, secure a temporary health insurance policy that can cover your medical needs overseas.

  • Get Vaccinated

Before proceeding with your journey, it is a must to see medical professionals to check your health status and address your immunisation needs. For spur of the moment trips, having a list of doctors or hospitals near your area sure comes handy.

When getting vaccinated, you have to consider your age, pre-existing medical conditions (if any), medication allergies, duration of stay, and the risk of being exposed to viruses, infections or diseases that are pretty common to the region or country you’ll be visiting.

  • Seek Medical Advice

If you plan on visiting a popular destination for the first time, you should consult first with doctors near your area for a medical advice and evaluation. Again, having a prepared list of doctors and hospitals comes handy especially for unexpected business trips abroad. For instance, look for hospitals that provide the services of a chiropractor.

You can consult health professionals regarding ear discomforts that your children may feel while on plane. Also ask for medical advice on how to avoid such inconvenience or how to alleviate the pain. Motion sickness is also pretty common to adults and children. Inquire about medicines that can help prevent it.

Final Reminders:

When packing for your trip, don’t forget to include medicines and some medical supplies since these may be unavailable to the place where you’re going. Always have with you at least a record of hospitals that are covered by your insurance or those that are near your area. It is also suggested to bring with you your medical history and also your travel companions’.

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WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites:

Expert WordPress Hosting

SiteGround provides superior WordPress hosting focused on speed, security and customer service. We take care of WordPress sites security with unique server-level customizations, WP auto-updates, and daily backups. We make them faster by regularly upgrading our hardware, offering free CDN with Railgun and developing our SuperCacher that speeds sites up to 100 times! And last but not least, we provide real WordPress help 24/7! Learn more about SiteGround WordPress hosting

WordPress tutorial and knowledgebase articles

WordPress is considered an easy to work with software. Yet, if you are a beginner you might need some help, or you might be looking for tweaks that do not come naturally even to more advanced users. SiteGround WordPress tutorial includes installation and theme change instructions, management of WordPress plugins, manual upgrade and backup creation, and more. If you are looking for a more rare setup or modification, you may visit SiteGround Knowledgebase.

Free WordPress themes

SiteGround experts not only develop various solutions for WordPress sites, but also create unique designs that you could download for free. SiteGround WordPress themes are easy to customize for the particular use of the webmaster.