Travel Budget Control: Ways to Underspend When on Holiday

Going on a holiday either by visiting local tourist spots, traversing the deep, blue seas in a cruise, or travelling abroad can be an expensive endeavour. Since holiday trips are intended to be your time to de-stress and take a time off from your busy schedules, make sure to plan and organise your well-deserved break while staying on budget so that financial stresses can be averted. Fortunately, we will give you tips on how you can underspend when on holiday. For more ways to improve your finances, click here

  • Pack Lightly

There are airlines that lower their airfares to attract more passengers; however, some have hidden travel costs mainly stemming from excess baggage weight. See to it that your suitcase is within the weight allotment set by the airline company. Alternately, stuff some of your things in you carry-on to get rid of additional baggage fees.  Lighter suitcases can translate to big savings especially if you walk to your hotel or destination (if it’s quite near) rather than riding a cab. There are also more cheap transportation options if your suitcase is not that heavy.

  • Take Advantage of the Public Transport System

Majority of key tourist hubs have a working public transport system. Instead of hailing a cab, try riding buses, trains or other local means of transport when heading to your destination. These options are way cheaper, plus you get to experience how it’s like navigating the area like a local.

  • Skip Staying at Chain Hotels

Always opt for cheaper alternatives for your accommodations. Why would you cough out $200 for a one-night stay at some posh hotel when you could get the same accommodation at a $30-$40 inn? You can visit TripAdvisor for a good selection of cheap guesthouses, inns and motels. In addition, try house sitting. As the term implies, you have to take care of somebody’s abode while they are also on a trip. In exchange, you get to stay there for free. If you’re interested, find available homes near your travel itineraries at Mind My House and Luxury House Sitting.

  • Try Local Cuisines

If you’re up for a gastronomical adventure, savour local dishes served at eateries and holes-in-the-wall. Not only they are cheap, they are flavourful too. You can look for food destinations near you area online. Always check the price range and read customer reviews.

  • Research Cheap Local Hot Spots

Luckily for you, there are apps that will search top local and tourist spots that are within your budget. For instance, Happy Hour Finder gives you a rundown of happy hours in your area, what they offer, and when you can avail good deals. This way, you can enjoy some booze, funky music and sometimes free meals without going too far-flung.