The World’s Most Exotic Horse Racing Spots

Horse racing is considered as among the world’s oldest spectator sports. No wonder that major racing competitions attract a great deal of crowd. On-site or online, horse racing creates a buzz. In fact, making a wager online on horse race results is very popular nowadays. There even are sites where first-timers can make online free bets.

Part of the adrenaline and enthusiasm during horse racing events is the experience: sipping your favorite drink while watching the bravura of thoroughbred horses up close or while marveling at the beautiful race horse track. For enthusiasts out there, here are some of the world’s most striking and glamorous horse racing spots that you should see:

1. Churchill Downs

This racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky, which is one of the biggest in North America, is noteworthy because of the Kentucky Derby that attracts at least 150,000 spectators. Churchill Downs is also notable for its twin hexagonal spires and its contemporary but friendly vibe.

2. Woodbine Racetrack

If you’re up for some history, then Woodbine Racetrack is your get-to place. The track is the venue of the very first Summer Paralympics that was held in 1976. It has three racecourses, one of which is made of crushed limestone. Currently, it is the single track in the North America that conducts thoroughbred and standardbred races on the same day.

3. Hipódromo de San Isidro

One of the most beautiful racecourses can be found in South America. An example is Hipódromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires Argentina. Albeit the little interest of Argentinians in horse racing as a sport, Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini, which is annually held at Hipódromo de San Isidro, attracts spectators from all parts of the continent.

4. Aintree Racecourse

If you are a true derby fan, then you are very much familiar with Aintree Racecourse in England. This is where the Grand National is being held every April. The event is stretched for 3 days and is said to be the world’s most difficult steeplechase. Located in the Merseyside parish of Aintree, the track was home to many historical races; one of which is the 1928 Grand National where only 2 out of the 48 horses finished the race.

5. Flemington Racecourse

Flemington Racecourse is home to the Melbourne Cup, which is hailed as the “race that stops a nation.” Situated in Flemington, Victoria, the 2300-meter track is adorned with a bronze statue of Phar Lap. The racecourse is unique in a way that races are run anti-clockwise, contrary to the usual clockwise route.