Rediscovering Your Muse in the Modern World

During the time of the ancient Greece, a female muse is a goddess who motivates people into creating art and literary pieces. For instance, Calliope served as an inspiration for Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey. Today, muses still carry out their purpose — that is to be the source of inspiration for writers, artists and musicians.

More often than not, beautiful women are the muse of creative people. Kate Moss was the subject of various works of Lucian Freud. Andy Warhol’s was Edie Sedgwick, while Givenchy’s was Audrey Hepburn. Even ordinary people have their muses. They can be anyone that fires their enthusiasm.

Rediscovering Your Muse in the Modern World

Anyone or anything can be our source of inspiration. We just have to find them and hold them in great respect. From there on, a beautiful relationship will exists, which will rouse our creative side to produce seemingly endless work of art.

In a 2009 TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, she discussed about reviving the Muse Model. A lot of us undergo creative block, especially if we are having performance anxiety. Through our own muse, our creative juices begin to flow, which then gets rid off of our disquietudes.

Traditionally, women have been the muse of artists mainly because of their beauty, personality, and some mysterious characteristics. However, the muse in the modern world can be a place, an object, and even imaginary. There is no strict rule as to who or what your inspiration should be, as long as they/it help(s) you conquer your anxieties and trigger(s) your artistry.

Muses as Companions

Before a remarkable music, a breathtaking artwork or a bewitching literary piece was made, artists go through a lonely process. It is sometimes dark, and is filled with self-doubts and skepticism, creative block, and exasperating experimentations. Muses serve as the artists’ companions, particularly during their’ time of isolation. Moreover, muses become their support system, as it is important if they want to get through their dark days.

Rediscovering your muse in the modern world is indeed a great privilege. When you come across your inspiration, treat it/them with respect and care.