Promotional Coffee Mugs: A Great Way to Promote Your Destination

Businesses have been promoting their product or services through traditional media channels like television, radio, magazine, newspapers and social media. In addition, the use of promotional items such as coffee mugs, caps, shirts, pins and figurines have proven to be useful especially in the travel industry. These promotional goodies are known to be effective marketing tools. In fact, based on a survey conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 79 percent of those who received promotional products are very likely to do business with that company.

Nowadays, many hotels, inns and resorts from key travel destinations scratch their heads about new ways to re-promote their businesses as well as the tourist spots. Good thing that promotional coffee mugs and cups are there to the rescue. Here are some reasons why you should advertise using promotional coffee mugs:

  • Think Long-Term

Majority of businesses rely on television ads when promoting their brand or products. Be that as it may, these advertisements do not linger that long on televisions. On the other hand, coffee mugs do last forever. A 30-second tv ad may cost you thousands and thousands of dollars while your coffee mug comes cheap and continuously promote your business.

  • Increase Your Sales

When a person saw someone using a promotional coffee mug, it is instinctive that there is an assumption that this person trusts the company behind the promotional item. In effect,  there are people who will transact with that company, thus boosting their sales.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

Customers love freebies. When a person receives free goodies after staying in your inn or motel, it is more likely that there will be a repeat-purchase. On top of that, your loyal customers will talk highly of your business. Consider that as a free but effective promotional method alternative.

  • Eye-Catchy and Durable

Mugs that are beautifully decorated are among the favourite of customers. They like mugs as souvenirs and display them in their own homes. Also, coffee mugs or cups made from glass and ceramics are so durable that users will use them over and over again. This is a good thing since it serves as a free plugging for your business.

With the competition in the travel industry getting more and more aggressive, businesses like yours should think of new ways on how to advertise and re-promote your product or service offerings.