Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Is It Right For You?

The digital internet age has promised a great deal, especially, when it comes to flexible working hours and mobile locations. But, has it really ever delivered en masse on these promises? Employers prefer to hire workers they can call into the office or, indeed, permanently locate them there. It is, I suppose, the continuing desire for maximum control over those who represent the company. It is, also, to do with comfort zones and unfamiliarity with new technologies designed for remote workers and the outsourcing of labour, more generally. Digital technology and having the skills necessary to use these apps, softwares and devices, could be mobilising the world far more profoundly.

Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Is It Right For You?

The digital nomad lifestyle sees travelling workers utilising the world wide web and its many offshoots to perform tasks wherever and whenever. Have phone, will travel, kind of stuff. You could be working for franchisees or travelling to exotic locations around the globe. You could be tied to a mundane existence of 9 to 5 or zooming across continents via the advantages of flexible technology. Dreamers are lining up by the water cooler as we speak. Office bound boys and girls are crowding around the espresso machine and visualising Pyramids, Mediterranean waters and countless other icons and edifices pertaining to worldwide travel.

The Unrooted Nomadic Lifestyle

The truth is that a shitty casual job is not half so bad if it exists on the other side of the mountain. We do jobs on the road that we would not bother with at home. The unrooted nomadic lifestyle lives like a fantasy inside the heads of many, especially the young and young at heart. Marketing provides many lightweight opportunities for global adventure. Things like travel blogs can act as temporary platforms for businesses wishing to promote themselves. Writers can tell the stories of great destinations, along with their features and hotels.

Remote Job Work

A US company entitled, Remote Year, offers a 12-month travel experience, for those with remote job work. Customers pay a monthly stipend, which includes travel between countries, a private bedroom, and access to digital technology and WIFI services. Urban myth gossip indicates that the digital nomadic lifestyle is gaining in popularity. It has a moniker and, thus, the concept will spread in the minds of those who longingly wish to escape from the grind of their day to day lives. Good luck intrepid travellers.