Developing Your Indoor Environment to Develop the Self

As the author of the ground-breaking book, House Therapy, I have always been cogent of the link between our minds and our living rooms within our homes. “As above, so below”, sort of stuff. It is natural that our domestic environments would reflect what is inside our heads and hearts. The human mind has been described as a cavern of consciousness, with rooms and hallways leading off into infinity. Our thought pathways criss cross our inner universes like the Milky Way galaxy above us. If there is a cohesive connection between our inner and outer worlds, then, each should be able to influence the other.

Developing Your Indoor Environment to Develop the Self

Thus, by developing your indoor environment, perhaps, with furnishings that speak to the soul, one can develop the self. Interior décor designers and ladies of the house, may be excused for yawning here and saying, “we have known this for years”. Every room in your home is an opportunity to communicate with different aspects of your personality or psyche. Each room, usually, has a primary function; as clearly explained in House Therapy. The living room is the space created for the dominant part of the self. It is here that we are most at home.

House Therapy Can Tell You About Yourself!

Wooden furniture for the lounge is akin to the skeletal structure upon which everything else hangs. There is something about timber, which speaks of a symbiotic relationship between human being and trees. We each serve the other in primal ways. Imagine a history of humanity without trees, it is almost impossible. Wood, though, is no longer the only material available to build and decorate our homes with. Despite the alternatives, we still choose to have wood close at hand. It is an intimate feature within our homes.

Interior Environments Affect You

What you choose to place within your interior environments, affects you and influences who you are. Surround yourself with furnishings, which enhance the parts of you, you wish to flourish. Developing your indoor environment to develop the self, is a sound strategy. We become what we nurture; it is only common sense to understand this premise.  House Therapy can tell you much about yourself. Every room in your home is a key to comprehending the complex puzzle that you are. We are not just one thing, we are many things, constantly interacting in time and space. Einstein knew that, the relative nature of the physical universe.